A Church on Mission

The Cornerstone Fellowship Church
The Cornerstone Fellowship is a church on mission. We are a collection of believers who are passionate about living in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Our mission is to see the lost found, the found grow, and the growing sent. The Lord has given us the opportunity to live out this mission in Covington, Kentucky. We are privileged to serve those most in need, sharing the gospel through loving our community.

Our fellowship is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, economic status, and race. We share in common a brokenness that led us to faith in Jesus, our Healer. He has become our Cornerstone. Now we have the obligation and opportunity to share our hope. The result is a church that is very unique. We often say, "Only at Cornerstone!" Whatever your story is, you will be welcome at Cornerstone.

What We Have Learned Through the Years
If we want to introduce people to Christ, we must first honestly introduce ourselves in friendship. The Cornerstone Fellowship provides a safe haven for those seeking a God who loves them and a community that cares. We believe relationships are the vehicle for life change. Most of our activities, including church services, consist of a mixed crowd, from committed Christians to first time guests (who may not even realize we are a church...we don't look traditional, so people aren't sure right off what we are). But our hope is to build relationships that will eventually lead to opportunities to share the gospel.

A Ministry of Meeting Needs
Ministry efforts at Cornerstone aim to meet the spiritual, relational, and physical needs of those in our community whenever possible. Our goal is not to duplicate existing service efforts, but instead to work cooperatively with other churches, agencies, and ministries to bridge resource gaps and facilitate spiritual growth. Community transformation is simply too big a task for one church or ministry to undertake alone. We believe cooperation is God's plan for renewal and revival.

Northern Kentucky Baptist Association
In 2018 The Cornerstone Fellowship joined the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association.
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